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As predicted, Osgoode’s Back!

York Senate approved a proposal to allow classes at Osgoode.  Not surprising:  I predicted as much last week after Senate announced an exemption for exchange business students.

All LL.B classes at Osgoode are to resume, except a couple that are taught by striking employees.  Apparently, grad classes are not covered by the exemption, although some classes that are mixed with LLB and graduate students will commence, with the option existing for the grad students to attend the classes.

The basis for this is that the law students are on a time sensitive deadline for receiving grades and completing course work that is tied to law bar qualifications.   And as noted in the earlier post, LLB students are covered by the Senate rules that prevent any student from being punished for refusing to cross the picket line.  So, Osgoode students presumably do not need to actually attend classes, and can request some other accommodation.  At one point, there was talk of Osgoode recording lectures so those students could listen to them later.  Maybe that is still a sensible solution.

See the posting at the Osgoode Labour & Employment Law Society Blog for more.


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