by David Doorey

Check out Professor Doorey’s two leading texts, which are used in universities and colleges across Canada and recommended by the HRPA as a study guide for the mandatory legal knowledge test required for HR professionals.  The books are written in plain English assuming no legal background and include loads of questions and exercises to test your knowledge of the concepts.

The Law of Work is the leading Canadian text in work law and the only book to cover in depth all three legal regimes of work law, including the Common Law of Employment, Regulation of Work, and the Collective Bargaining regime.  The book explores each regime separately and also examines how the regimes relate to one another and how law is influenced by broader social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental forces.


Canadian Labour Relations: Law, Policy, and Practice is co-authored with Professor Alison Braley-Rattai of Brock University’s Labour Studies program.  The book focuses on collective bargaining law, policy, and practice in Canada and is used in Labour Law, Industrial Relations, Labour Studies, and business courses across the country.  Unique to this text is a set of chapters that do a deep dive into some of the “big debates” in Canadian collective bargaining policy.  This book also includes an extensive teachers manual that includes a variety of exercises and simulations, including a full collective bargaining and labour arbitration simulation.  A video to accompany the arbitration simulation was interrupted by COVID, but is in the works!

If you have any questions about the books, please feel free to contact Professor Doorey directly, especially instructors using the texts.