Osgoode LLM

by David Doorey

We are gearing up now for a new cohort of students in our Osgoode Hall Law School specialist LLM degree in labour and employment law, which will begin in fall 2018.  The 2018-2020 line up is amazing.   Read about the program and apply here.
I think this is the top specialist masters of law program in labour and employment law in North America, if not (dare I say) the world. I wish I could have taken it as a student.  This is a great opportunity for foreign graduate law students interesting in an LLM from one of the world’s top law schools, and the price is a bargain compared to other comparable international degrees.   Plus, most courses can be taken by distance education, meaning you do not have to come to Toronto.
All of the popular courses taught in the past are back, plus some great new ones.
Here is the course lineup (names and course subject to change, but change is I think unlikely):

Theory and Perspectives in Labour & Employment Law (Professors Eric Tucker, York)
Contemporary Issues in Collective Labour Law (Professors David Doorey (York) and Ruth Dukes (Glasgow))
The Charter and Human Rights in Labour Law (Professor Michael Lynk, Western)
Contemporary Issues in the Common Law of Employment (Professor Claire Mumme, Windsor)
Gender and the Law of Work  (Professor Gillian Demeyere, Western)
Contemporary Issues in Employment Regulation (John Craig, Fasken Martineau, Western)
International Labour Law and Globalization (Professor Kevin Banks, Queens)
Public Sector Labour & Employment Law (Chris Rootham, Nelligan O’Brien, Payne)
Comparative Labour & Employment Law: The British Model (Professor Alan Bogg, Bristol, UK)
The “Gig” and Fissured Workplace and the Law (Professor Brishen Rogers, Temple)
Advanced Issues in Labour Arbitration (Professor Emeritus Brian Etherington, Windsor, Labour Arbitrator)

This program is not a continuing education program for practicing lawyers.  It is taught as a challenging academic LLM program, but one that works around the busy schedules of practicing lawyers.  Most courses are scheduled for three hours on a Thursday night (7-10 p.m.), and then from 9-5 on the following Friday and Saturday.  All classes are held at Osgoode’s downtown location, at Yonge and Dundas above the Eaton Centre.  As noted above, since this program has had pretty high demand from out of province practitioners, Osgoode requested that we offer the option of attending some courses by video-conferencing.  We just finished our first experiment with video-conferencing, which enabled us to have students from across Canada, as well as abroad, including Chile and Switzerland.