by David Doorey

Here is a useful list of Canadian and foreign labour law scholars with links to their free downloadable academic papers. The list is non-exhaustive and constantly growing.  Please let me know of missing names and they will be added (  Note also that not every labour law scholar is on SSRN.

Canadian Scholars

Pnina Alon-Shenker (TMU)

Harry Arthurs (York)

Kevin Banks (Queens)
Tim Bartkiw (Ryerson)
Janine Benedet (UBC)
Adelle Blackett (McGill)
Guy Davidov (Hebrew University)
David Doorey (York)
Judy Fudge (Victoria)
John Goddard (Manitoba)
Brian Langille (Toronto)
Michael Lynk (Western)
Michael MacNeil (Carelton)
Claire Mumme (Windsor)
Kerry Rittich (Toronto)
Sara Slinn (York)
Eric Tucker (York)
Gilles Trudeau (Montreal)
Don Wells (McMaster)

American Labor Law Scholar SSRN links:

Richard Bales (Kentucky)
James Brudney (Ohio)
Miriam Cherry (Pacific)
Lance Compa (Cornell)
Charles Craver (George Washington)
Ellen Dannin (Penn State)
Veena Dubal (Cal Hastings)
Barbara Fick (Notre Dame)
Catherine Fisk (UC-Berkeley)
Kenneth Glenn Dau-Schmidt (Indiana)
Matthew Finkin (Illinois)
Jeffrey Hirsch (Tennessee)
Stanford Jacoby (UCLA)
Cynthia Estlund (NYU)
Ruben Garcia (UNLV)
Alan Hyde (Rutgers)
Kevin Kolben (Rutgers)
Michael LeRoy (Illinois)
Gillian Lester (Columbia)
Orly Lobel (San Diego)
John Logan (U.C. Berkeley)
Martin Malin (Chicago-Kent)
Marcia McCormick (Saint Louis)
James Pope (Rutgers)
Rachel Arnow-Richman (Denver)
Brishen Rogers (Temple)
Benjamin Sachs (Harvard)
Paul Secunda (Marquette)
Katherine Stone (UCLA)
Charles Sullivan (Seton Hall)
David Weil (Brandeis)
Marley Weiss (Maryland)
David Yamada (Suffolk)
Michael Zimmer (Loyola)

British Labour Law Scholars
Alan Bogg (Bristol)
Hugh Collins (Oxford)
Simon Deakin (Cambridge)
Ruth Dukes (Glasgow)
Virgina Mantouvalou (London)

Australian Labour Law Scholars
Sean Cooney (Melbourne)
Anthony Forsyth (Monash)
Peter Gahan (Monash)
John Howe (Melbourne)
Jill Murray (La Trobe)
Michael Rawling (ANU)

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