by David Doorey

The Law of Work Blog was launched in 2008, making this one of the longest running law blogs in Canada. I created the blog as a teaching aid to allow me to bring real word events into the classroom. The target was students in my various classes on labour and employment law. In the beginning, there were virtually no other blogs in Canada dedicated to work law and policy. Law firms had not yet created their own blogs to summarize important cases they worked on or key developments in the field. The legal blogosphere was new.

In time, it became clear that there was a larger audience for short, readable summaries of legal developments and interesting legal issues.  I realized that people other than my own students were reading the blog. Over the years, Law of Work Blog received many “CLAWBIE” awards as the top law blog by an academic in Canada, was honoured with the Fodden Award for the Best Law Blog in Canada, and in 2016 was among the inaugural class voted into the Canadian Law Blog Hall of Fame.   Today, there are dozens of great blogs exploring issues in labour and employment law, and virtually every law firm in the country has a dedicated blog of some sort.

In 2020, I rebranded the blog as Canadian Law of Work Forum.  The idea was to reinvent the blog as a collaborative national discussion of issues in work law and labour policy.  The reception to the idea was fantastic and dozens of scholars, practitioners, and law students submitted incredible posts.  However, given my current and impending workload and the time commitment involved in running the Canadian Law of Work Forum, I have elected to return the blog to its roots.  

Beginning in the fall of 2021, the Law of Work Blog will once again serve as my personal website.  I will post comments directed at students of labour and employment law and industrial relations and use the blog as a supplement for my books The Law of Work and Canadian Labour Relations: Law, Policy, and PracticeThe entire library of posts from contributors to the Canadian Law of Work Forum will remain accessible and guest posts will still be welcomed.

Thanks everyone,

David Doorey