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Top 10 Most Read Law of Work Posts of 2014

Originally published on December 3, 2014.

It’s that time of the year to wind down and reflect on the past year in work law.   We’re heading into exams at York University, and then

Happy Holidays from Professor Doorey

Happy Holidays from Professor Doorey

the holiday season.  Keeping with tradition, I am signing off for 2014 with a list of the Top 10 Most Read Posts of the Year.  This year’s list has a healthy mix of common law, human rights law, and collective bargaining law issues.

See you in 2015, a year that promises to include labour law reform in Ontario and at least a couple of substantial Supreme Court of Canada on the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike.  And the publication of my new Law of Work book too! Never a dull moment in the Law of Work.  Happy Holidays.   David

Most Read Law of Work Blog Entries in 2014

1.   Are Unpaid Interns Illegal In Ontario? (7,323 hits)

2.  Can an Employer Prohibit Tattoos and Piercings? (5.898)

3.  Can the CBC Fire Ghomeshi for Private Sex Acts Taking Place Off-Duty?  (4,685)

4.  Can a non-union Employer Suspend an Employee Without Pay?  (3,396)

5.   Is Your Employer Wrongfully Treating You as an Independent Contractor to Avoid Employment Standards Laws? (2,955)

6.   Are Ontario Laws on Union Dues and Membership ‘Undemocratic’? (2,862)

7.   Moxies:  Where ‘Uglies’ Need Not Apply? (2,557)

8.  Unifor’s Toyota Campaign Demonstrates Flaw in Labour Law Model (2,517)

9.   Most Highly Unionized Countries Top U.N.’s “Happiest Countries” List, Again.  Why? (2, 238)

10.  Are Nonunion Employees Better Off Without a Written Employment Contract? (1,900)


I usually sign off with a video for those of you who celebrate Christmas.  This year, I sign off with this tribute to Tommy Ramone, the last of the original Ramones, who died in 2014.


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