Student Blog Initiative

by David Doorey

UPDATE: The $200 honorarium for published posts is back! Thanks to the Labour Law Casebook Group and Irwin Publishers, who donated proceeds from book royalties to the Student Blog Initiative, Canadian Law of Work Forum is once again offering the payment for blog posts until the fund runs out. So start thinking about interesting topics and get writing!

Canadian Law of Work Forum recognizes that a lot of students find themselves in a precarious situation at the moment as a result of COVID19. It’s not much, but we are introducing a pilot Student Blogger Initiative at CLWF that will pay students $200 for a post published on the blog. At least it could buy some groceries, and add a publication line to your c.v.

Here are the details:

  • To start, we are accepting posts from law students or graduate students in fields related to the study of work.
  • Blog posts should be not longer than 1200 words and include any links to relevant websites.
  • Blog posts can relate to any topic dealing with labour and employment law or labour policy issues. It could describe and analyze a new court or tribunal decision, or a new law for example. It could describe research you are working on. It could provide an analysis of a recent media story. Be creative.
  • Submissions should be sent to Professor Doorey at, in Word format and include your name and student status (university, program, and year). We will consider posts from law students have just completed law school and are waiting to article.

We can not guarantee that every post received will be published. If your post is not accepted, please do not take this as a comment on your skills or quality of your work. It is possible that we may receive far more posts than we can possibly publish. Some submissions may not be accepted and some may be returned with editorial suggestions.

The Student Blog Initiative will continue through the spring and then we will reevaluate whether we can continue to pay for posts. Of course, blog submissions will always be welcomed regardless of whether payment continues in the future. Published authors will receive $200 by e-transfer and will also have a publication for the c.v.

Successful posts can be found by searching the Category “Student Post” on the side panel of the blog.


We appreciate that law firms are also experiencing difficulties through this unprecedented time. Nevertheless, some firms have kindly offered to assist this initiative with a cash donation to the cause. Great thanks to the following Student Blog Initiative Sponsors:

If you are an academic, lawyer, or law firm interested in supporting this initiative in the form of a small monetary contribution to help fund the payments, your support would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at