Prof. Doorey In the Media

by Palomino Support

November 2022, Toronto Star, On CUPE Collective Bargaining

November 2022, CBC News, On Ontario’s Use of Notwithstanding Clause in CUPE Bargaining

September 2022, On CUPW Complaint Against Uber, UFCW

August 2022, Globe and Mail, On Uber’s Secret Deal with UFCW

June 2022, Toronto Star, On Threatened Layoff of Striking Cleaners

June 2022, CBC News, On Ontario’s Non-Existent ‘Right to Disconnect’

March 2022, Toronto Star Editorial, On Gig Worker Legislation

March 2022, Harvard Law School OnLabor blog: The Law and Politics of Noncompete Reform: A Cross Border Perspective

February 2022, Toronto Star, On Uber’s Secret Deal with UFCW

January 2022, Harvard Law School OnLabor blog:  The Surprising Agreement Between Uber and UFCW in Legal Context

January 2022, Law and Political Economy Blog (Yale): “The Contested Boundaries of Just Transitions Law”

December 2021, Harvard Law School OnLabor blog: Why Canadian Employers Do Not Permanently Replace Strikers

September 2021, Bloomberg, “Amazon confronts battle with Teamsters in Labour-Friendly Canada”

August 2021, The Walrus, “Is it Time for Unions to Seize the Moment?”

July 2021, Canadian HR Reporter,  “Ontario’s Workforce Advisory Committee Faces Criticism”

May 2021, Harvard Law School OnLabor blog, “The Requirements for Notice of Termination and Just Cause in Canadian Employment Law”

March 2021, Canadian HR Reporter, “Uber’s pitch for separate rules for gig workers a cynical ploy: union”

February 2021, Jacobin, Op-Ed “Amazon’s Anti-Union Drive Shows Why US Labor Law is Broken” 

January 2021, Now Magazine, “Ripley’s Fights Union Drive–Believe it or Not”

December 2020, Canadian Bar Association Podcast, “After the Pandemic: Protecting the workers of the future”

December 2020, Jacobin, Op-Ed, “Collective Bargaining Needs a Fresh Start, in Canada and the US Alike

November 2020, Video Conversation with labour lawyer Ryan White, On the OLRB decision finding that Foodora workers are “employees”

October 2020, Press Progress, “Here’s What BC’s Three Main Parties Say They’ll Do For Precarious Workers Struggling in the Gig Economy”

July 2020, Harvard Law School OnLabor blog, “The Classification of Gig Workers in Canadian Work Law” 

July 2020, Video Fireside Chat with Toronto Star Labour and Wealth Reporter Sara Mojtededzadeh

June 29 2020, Globe and Mail, Uber Drivers Have a Chance to Reset the Rules

June 26 2020, Globe and Mail, On Uber v. Heller Supreme Court of Canada decision

June 2020, Toronto Star Podcast, Hustled (Various appearances)

June 15 2020, H.R. Reporter, On Backlash for CEO Requesting Employees Take Vacation for COVID-19

April 17 2020, Rabble Op-Ed, “A Just Transition to a Stronger post-COVID Economy is Possible, but it won’t be easy”

February 12 2020, Regina-Leader Post, On Binding Arbitration in Co-Op Refinery Lockout in Saskatchewan
February 12, 2020, Harvard Law School, OnLabor Blog, “Clean Slate for Worker Power, Through a Canadian Lens

September 2019, Toronto Star, On California’s Legislation Extending Labor Laws to “Gig” Workers
July 2019, Harvard Law School, OnLabor Blog, “Alberta’s UCP Government Looks too U.S. for Inspiration on Labor Law Reform”

July 2019, Globe and Mail, On Kosher Supervisor Terminated for Dating a Non-Jewish Woman
June 2019, The Observer, On Bearded Personal Service Worker’s Claim of Religious Discrimination
April 2019, Global News, On Sexual Harassment and Unwanted Touching at Work
March 2019, Toronto Star, On Lawsuit Alleging Systemic Employment Discrimination in the Ontario Public Service
February 2019, Financial Times, On Labour Board’s Finding that Unifor Engaged in Unlawful Strike
February 2019, Toronto Star, On General Motor’s Illegal Strike Application Filed Against Unifor
January 2019, TVO, On #Uber Arbitration Clause Being Ruled Unlawful

December 2018, Harvard Law School, OnLabor blog, “Cross Border Thoughts of Future of Labor Law Reform”
September 2018, Globe and Mail, On Replacement Workers in Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador
May 2018, Toronto Star, On Loblaws and the Rana Plaza Disaster
November 2017, Toronto Star, On the College Instructors’ Strike
September 2017, The Tyee, On Unionization and the National Post
May 2017, The Lawyers’ Weekly, On Legal Issues Related to the Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries and Employment
May 2017, National Post, On Unionization of Employees of Illegal Marijuana Dispenseries
May 2017, Globe and Mail, On the Complexities of Working in an Age of Social Media
January 2017, VICE, On Whether Employers should Have Policies Dealing with Masturbation at Work
July 2016, The Toronto Star, On Ruling that TTC Failed Employees in allowing abuse on its official Twitter site.
July 2016, The Sports Network (TSN), On Provinces Amending Employment Standards Legislation to Exclude Athletes
April 2016, Toronto Star, On Ontario Government’s Charter Violation of Teachers’ Right to Collective Bargaining and Strike
April 2016, The Tyee (B.C.), On WestJet’s Ongoing Efforts to Avoid Unionization 
April 2016, Toronto Star, On Whether a Miscarriage is a Disability

December 2015, Globe and Mail, On whether Liberal Payments to Teachers’ Unions are Illegal
October 2015, Yahoo Finance, On whether Canada is Likely to Move Towards a 6 Hour Work Day
October 2015, Toronto Star, On Whether Blue Jays Fever Can Get You Fired
August 2015, Globe and Mail, Op-Ed on WestJet Pilot’s Failed Unionization Attempt and its Relevance to Labour Policy

July 2015, Hamilton Spectator, On Law’s Treatment of Rogue Employers Who  Ignore Employment Standards Laws
July 2015, National Post, On Wildcat Strike at Pearson Airport
July 2015, Vancouver 24, On Bill 377, the Conservative’s Antiunion Reporting Law
June 2015, CBC News, On Loblaw’s Mistaken Overpayment to Employees
May 2015, Toronto Star, On the Shortcomings of Canadian Employment Standards Legislation
May 2015, Globe and Mail, On Termination of Hydro One Employee for Sexist Comments to reporter at TFC Game
May 2015, Toronto Star, On Termination of Hydro One Employee for Off Duty Behaviour
February 2015, Halifax Chronicle, On the SCC Right to Strike decision
February 2015, Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix, On the SCC Decision on the right to strike
January 2015, Saskatchewan Leader-Post, On the SCC decision on the right to strike
January 2015, The National Magazine, On the SCC decision on the right to collective bargaining 
January 2015, The HR Examiner, On business transparency and the challenges of getting there
January 2015, National Post, On the Supreme Court’s decision on the right of RCMP officers to freedom of association
October 2014, Macleans Magazine, On the Ghomeshi and “Sex, Lies, and the CBC”
June 2014, Globe and Mail, On  Supreme Court Decision finding Walmart Violated Quebec Labour Laws by Closing Store
June 2014, Montreal Gazette, On Supreme Court finding Walmart Violated Quebec Law
January 2014, Macleans Magazine, On Tim Hudak, Conservative Plan to bring Republican style anti-union laws to Ontario

December 2013, New York Times, On Sports Unions and the Challenge of Defending Members Who Hurt Fellow Union Members
December 2013, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, On Musoni v. Logitek: The Perils of Self-Representation in Employment Law
November 2013, Globe and Mail, On What Would Happen if Rob Ford Were a Regular City Employee
November 2013, Huffington Post, On the Conservative’s Hard Right Turn on Labour Law Reform
October 2013, Rabble Column, On How Politicians use ‘Bullshit’ economic arguments to justify anti-union labour laws
October 2013:  Rabble, On Happiness Indexes and Income Equality
September 2013,Radio Canada International (podcast), Conversation on why workers would support laws that decrease wages, increase income inequality
September 2013, Saskatchewan Star-Phoenex, On Controversial Labour Law Reform (Bill 85)
September 2013, HRM Online, On Wrongful Dismissal of Employees in their 80s
August 2013, Globe and Mail, On Weight Discrimination
August 2013, Macleans Magazine, On Unionization in the Service Sector
July 2013, Halifax Chronicle, On Coffee Shop Unionization
May 2013, Canadian Lawyer, On Dismissal of Insubordinate Articling Student
May 2013, Saskatchewan Leader-Post, On Saskatchewan’s Controversial Labour Law Reforms
April 2013, National Post, On Whether Employers Can Refuse to Hire Smokers
March 2013, Toronto Star, On Unpaid Unlawful Internships
January 2013, Yahoo News, On Employer Rules Banning Tattoos, Piercings

December 2012, The Agenda, On Bill 115, Putting Students First Act
December 2012, Toronto Star, On American Style “Right to Free Ride” Laws Coming to Canada
November 2012, HR Reporter, On the Death of ‘Wallace Damages”
October 2012, Huffington Post, On Law Firm Fingerprinting Legal Secretaries
October 2012, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, On Law Firm Fingerprinting Legal Secretaries
October 2012, Law Times, On Human Rights Tribunal Decision Relating to Payment by Employer to Disabled Worker of $1 per hour
October 2012, Macleans Magazine, On Employer’s Policing Employees’ Social Media Communications
October 2012, CBC News, On Whether Facebook Posts Can Get You Fired
September 2012, Toronto Star, On Whether the Decline of Unions Leads to Decline in Middle Class
August 2012, Windsor Star, On the Professor Emily Carasco human rights complaint against U. of Windsor Law School
June 2012, The Lawyers Weekly, On Bowes v. Gross Power (duty to mitigate when contract includes fixed notice term)
June 2012, Toronto Star, On Ontario Tory Proposal to Repeal ‘Rand Formula”
April 2012, Hamilton Spectator, On Transit Union Taking Bus Company to Arbitration to Improve Service Levels
March 2012, Sustainable Brands, “Responsible Supply Chain Leadership: Should Apple Just Do It?”
March 2012, Canadian Business, On the Negative Effects on Labour Relations of Government’s intervention in Air Canada bargaining
March 2012, Ontario Human Rights Commission statement on employers requesting Facebook passwords from job applicants and again here discussing what questions employers can ask in job interviews
March 2012, Toronto Star, On Being Fired for Wearing an Orange Shirt
March 2012, Metro, On Employers Prohibiting Workers from Disclosing their Wage Rate
March 2012, Toronto Star, On Air Canada Pilots Calling in “Fatigued” and Government Intervention
March 2012, Reuters News, On Air Canada Pre-emptive Back to Work Legislation
March 2012, HR Reporter, On Lack of Employment Law Requirement to obtain a CHRP designation
February 2012, Globe and Mail on so-called “Right to Work” laws
February 2012, National Post on City of Toronto Collective Bargaining
February 2012, CBC Radio-Canada, On the City of Toronto collective bargaining

November 2011, NBC Sports, On the National Basketball League’s lockout of NBA players
October 2011, Canadian Business, On the CUPE Protest at Parliament Hill Over Government’s Intervention in Air Canada Dispute
October 2011, On Power and Politics, CBC Television clip, On Air Canada “reference” filed by Minister of Labour
October 2011, Inside Business, On the NBA Lockout and the Toronto Raptors
October 2011, Canada Press, On the Minister of Labour’s Tactics to Prevent Air Canada strike
October 2011, Ottawa Citizen, On Air Canada and the Right to Strike
October 2011, CBC News, On the Air Canada Collective Bargaining situation
September 2011, Financial Times, On Apple’s Supplier Problems and Supply Chain Transparency
July 2011, Doorey’s working paper on Decentring Labor Law reviewed by Professor Mike Zimmer (Loyola) on Jotwell
July 2011, Globe and Mail, On Unpaid Interns
July 2011, Rabble, Linda McQuaig, On Living in Conservative Times
July 2011, Vue Weekly (Alberta) Column on Back-to-Work Legislation
June 2011, Linda McGuaig Column on Labour Law, Royals, and the Demand for Unionization
April 2011, Doorey’s Paper “In Defense of Transnational Domestic Labor Regulation” reviewed by Professor Paul Secunda (Marquette) on Jotwell
March 2011, Submission of the Amalgamated Transit Union President on TTC Strike Ban legislation (citing Law of Work on how the costs of a TTC strike cited by politicians is fictional)
Toronto Star, 2011, TTC Union’s Pledge Not to Strike
Toronto Star, 2011, Contracting out garbage collection

Open File, 2010, Contracting out garbage collection
Toronto Sun, 2010,  Contracting out garbage collection
Globe and Mail, 2009, Workplace Discrimination
CBC News, 2009,  Garbage Strike
Canada AM, 2009, Garbage Strike
National Post on Union Certification Processes
Professor Doorey’s Evidence Before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in 2000 in relation to the “Westray Bill” that eventually was legislated in the form of Bill C-45.  Testimony is scattered throughout after about part 1205.