by David Doorey

I’m excited to announce the publication of The Law of Work textbook!
The book adopts the same philosophy as Law of Work blog in that it is intended to be readable, with as little

Professor Doorey's Book "The Law of Work"

Professor Doorey’s Book “The Law of Work”

legal jargon as possible.  The chapters are short and move quickly to keep student interest.  The book  explains complex legal concepts in language non-lawyers and non-law students can understand and assumes no legal background.  It is the only book in Canada that examines in depth all three legal regimes that govern work:  Common Law; Regulatory Standards, and Collective Bargaining Law.   Not only does the book explain how the laws of these three legal regimes, but it also explores how the three regimes interact and influence one another.  It describes the historical evolution of the law and the explores the key policy debates that have shaped the law’s evolution over time.
The Law of Work has only recently been published, but it has already been adopted by university and college instructors across Canada for courses in undergraduate business, industrial relations, law, HRM, and labour studies, in law school seminars on employment law, and in graduate business programs.  The book is national in focus, drawing on case law and statutory requirements from all parts of Canada.
Canadian labour law legend Professor Emeritus Harry Arthurs said this in his review of the book:

“Comprehensive, insightful, learned, provoacative, teachable, and a visual treat…  David Doorey and his guest experts have touched all the bases.  This is the Canadian employment and labour law text for our time.”

A brand new case study will be out soon, available to any instructor who adopts the book.  The case study follows the life of a small micro-brewery called County Beer Company and includes 12 exercises that span all three legal regimes, including a collective bargaining simulation and mock labour arbitration.  If you are one of those instructors (like me!), who is tired of showing arbitration videos from the 1970s, you may be excited to hear that an all new instructional video depicting the arbitration is in the works!  The case study also explores common law issues such as modification to employment contracts and wrongful dismissal, and employment standards and human rights issues.
The book is available in three formats and in hard copy or electronic version:
The complete edition including all four parts of the book and all three legal regimes.
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.42.51 AMAs a special edition for use in Employment Law courses in which collective bargaining law will not be taught

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And in a special edition for use in courses in Collective Labour Law or Industrial Relations in which the instructor does not intend to teach Common Law and Regulatory Law.

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