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Introducing Canada’s Newest Law Blog: Canadian Law of Work Forum

Those of you who follow my Twitter account (@TheLawofWork) may have seen my earlier notice about an exciting new blog that will launch in February.  It is called Canadian Law of Work Forum (CLWF).  The blog is in the final stages of testing and development.


Information about CLWF

I started Law of Work blog way back in 2008 as a way to bring current events into the classroom.  At the time, I believe the only other blog written by a law professor in Canada was Michael Geist’s fine blog, which is still active.  Law of Work started out as a small lecture tool, but to my surprise, people other than work law and industrial relations students read it. The blog grew into a space for commentary on cases and labour policy mostly by me, but by other “guest” bloggers as well.  Along the way, the blog was recognized with 5 Clawbies as the top law blog in Canada and was among the inaugural inductees into the Canadian Law Blog Hall of Fame, along with Professor Geist’s blog.

Twelve years is a very long time in blog years.  Where once there was one or two law blogs that explored work law and labour policy issues, now there are dozens.  Most of these offer excellent summaries and analysis of legal issues written by very clever practitioners.  There is still an important space for academic commentaries as well, and I decided it was time for a reboot of Law of Work.  Canadian Law of Work Forum is the first national, collaborative blog for academics, practitioners, and students exploring issues in labour and employment law and labour policy.  Academics from across the country have indicated an intention to be contributors, and we are hopeful that the broader community will become involved.


Submissions to CLWF should explore issues related to work law, labour policies or labour practices, labour market economics, industrial relations,  and labour studies.  The goal is to present a broad range of views on issues and to encourage a health and respective national dialogue.  Submissions must less than 1200 words and be written as much as possible in accessible language (avoid legal, academic jargon).  We want the blog to be readable and understandable to a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences.   Submissions from legal practitioners on both sides of the labour law bar are encouraged.  While summaries of recent, interesting decisions are encouraged, ideally the post would be more than just a case summary and include some analysis of how the case fits with existing jurisprudence or other analysis that will be interesting to readers.

Students in law, industrial relations, labour studies, and HRM are encouraged to submit posts for the “Student Page“.  This is an opportunity to publish your best work dealing with work law and labour policy issues on a national platform. Instructors are encouraged to urge their best students to submit a post.

In terms of style, think of the submissions as more in the nature of a newspaper op-ed or short magazine piece than a peer reviewed academic article or legal pleading.  For easy citations, each posted entry will include a tag line as follows:

Author, Title, Canadian Law of Work Forum, (Date), URL

Each published author will be included in a list of Contributors that includes links to the author’s posts.  Eventually, I hope to hire a law student to help with editing and management, but for now, submissions can be sent to me directly at:


I never used ads on and I ate the hosting costs myself.  However, the costs of developing and hosting Canadian Law of Work Forum have been not insignificant and I have decided to include an ad box to help offset some of these costs and possibly, eventually, to hire a law student to help out.  There is one large ad box that will be full-site (it is clearly visible on each post). I am hoping to attract advertisers from labour law firms, academic programs, publishers, unions, et cetera, who are interested in reaching a wide market of people interested in labour issues.  Costs will be very affordable.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me for more information.

Here is a screen capture of the blog in early development stages.  The design has changed since this first template, but the size and positioning of the ad will be as seen here.


I hope you come to check out the new blog when it launches soon, and become a regular follower (and maybe contributor) moving forward.

David Doorey




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