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Big Changes are Coming to Law of Work Blog .. Stay Tuned!

After 11 Years, It’s Time for a Re-Fresh…  Stayed Tuned

I started this little law blog in 2008. Back then, law blogs were a relatively new thing.  I don’t recall any of the Canadian labour and employment law firms having blogs when I started.  Certainly there weren’t any blogs written by academics in our field, and not a whole lot by academics in other fields either.

Not surprisingly, given the dearth of serious competition, Law of Work (originally known as construction“Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog”) was recognized many times by the fine folks who devote their time each year to selecting the annual Clawbies Awards for law blogs in Canada.  This blog took home Best New Law Blog in 2008, and then top Law Blog by an Academic in 2009 and 2011, and in 2012 it was voted the Top Law Blog in Canada (the Fodden Award).  A few years ago, Law of Work Blog was an inaugural inductee into the Canadian Law Blog Award’s Hall of Fame, along with several other great blogs, including Professor Michael Geist’s technology blog and the collaborative SLAW blog, which published entries by both academics and practitioners.

I thought a blog looking at work law issues would be a useful teaching tool, and it was.  I confess that it didn’t occur to me back then that there would be much of an audience beyond students and instructors looking for content, and perhaps the odd practitioner looking for a quick case note.  However, it quickly became clear that there was a broader audience for law blogs.  For example, this blog has had millions of page views, been cited in peer reviewed academic articles, and judicial decisions, media stories, as well in parliament committees and inquiries.  Once I even got into a debate on the blog with a sitting Senator!

In recent years, dozens of blogs exploring Canadian labour and employment law have appeared, many of them excellent.  It’s almost a necessity for law firms to have their own blogs.  Most of these blogs provide helpful overviews of recent case law and legislative reforms.  You can now find summaries of notable decisions on any number of  blogs from coast to coast. This is a fantastic development for law students and practitioners.

I have just finished 3 years that involved heavy administrative commitments as Director of a large academic unit and an LL.M program, while also writing a 700 word Law of Work text (second edition well underway) from scratch along with various other academic papers and teaching a heavy load of undergraduate and graduate courses.  I now get to take a breath as a one year sabbatical from teaching and administrative work!

I have a variety of research and writing projects lined up, along with re-designing some courses I’ve taught for years and preparing for a new course called Advanced Law of Work: Leading Issues and Debates.  I’m looking forward to spending to some research time at Harvard’s Labor and Worklife Program and dropping by Cornell’s ILR as part of a project I’m working on comparative labour law and reform.  I’m working on a new Law of Work App (my old one expired due to outdated software) and I’m making a labour arbitration video for instructional and classroom use.

And notably, I intend to rework this blog with some fresh and innovative updates that will bring in other experts to debate labour and employment law issues from across Canada.  That’s all I’m saying for now.  I hope you will visit back once the new website is launched!




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