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Two Academic Job Postings of Interest to Industrial Relations, Work Law Experts

There are a couple of academic postings of note for people with expertise in industrial relations and/or labour and employment law.

The first is at my home school, the School of Human Resource Management at York University.  It is open-ended in terms of

York University is Hiring

York University is Hiring

area, but the School could definitely use someone else with a law background, industrial relations, or labour economics.  Although the School of HRM is the largest school of its kind in Canada, I’m the only person with a law background and we teach lots of courses in employment law, labour law, industrial relations, and occupational health and safety.

Here is the York ad.

The other posting of note is at Queens Faculty of Law, where Kevin Banks tells me they are targeting labour law as area in need.   Here is the ad for that job.




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