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The G.M. Damages Argument

It appears that nothing much happened today in the court in terms of G.M.’s argument for damages resulting from the CAW protest picket line.  Recall we noted in an earlier entry that in Ontario it remains difficult to obtain damages in court against a union.  That is because the Rights of Labour Act still has the effect of preventing a union from suingin its own name, or from being sued, in a civil action.   Note that G.M. actually named “CAW, Local 222″ as a defendent, along with several other individual union members and executives.   There is no doubt that a court could hold the individuals liable, but it remains questionable that the CAW, Local 222 could be ordered to pay damages.  It seems highly unlikely that GM would try to get $250,000 from individual CAW members given that the company has just announced the closure of their workplace.  How would that go over as a public relations exercise, do you think? 


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