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Will “Tea Party Tim” Hudak’s Hard Right Turn Fly in Ontario?

Check out this brief, but interesting panel discussion on Ontario News Watch with political commentators John Snobelin (Tory), Howard Hampton (NDP), and Hershell Ezrin (Liberal). 

hudakThe topic is whether Tim Hudak’s adoption of far right Republican style policies will sell to Ontarians beyond a small core base that will always vote Tory.  Among the proposed work law changes are  restricting the discretion of interest arbitrators to grant raises to public sector workers,  and ordering unions to provide free services and benefits to non-members (what Repblicans call ”Right to Work” laws, and opponents call “Right to Free Ride” laws).

Ezrin says no, Snobelin’s not sure but believes the Tories need to clearly distinguish themselves from the other parties in some way, and my hockey buddy (read ‘goon’) Hampton predicts that the “Tea Party Tim” label will bring down the Tories in the next the election.

What do you think?  Will far right Republican style policies sell in Ontario?


One Response to Will “Tea Party Tim” Hudak’s Hard Right Turn Fly in Ontario?

  1. william brown Reply

    June 1, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    The Conservative Party was founded in England by the rich Land owners and Industrialists.Its purpose was to keep political power out of the hands of the Working Class retain power for the Rich and privileged.Despite their ablity to xxxxxxxx some people to vote agaist their own interests,their purpose remains as it wsa continues to serve the corporations and other rich backers.I hope that people will realize that Hudak’s Tea Party ties put him in the same league as such American idiots as Sarah Palin,Michelle Bachman,Rick Perry and Rush Limbaugh!

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