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Saskatchewan Appeals Ruling Finding Charter Protects Right to Strike

It is no surprise at all that the Saskatchewan government exercised today its right to appeal the decision of Justice Ball issues last month.  The government had until today to file the notice of appeal.

Here is the Notice of Appeal.  I will have to check if the unions are cross-appealing the second part of the ruling, which found amendments to the Trade Union Act were not a violation of Section 2(d).  Anyone know?

As I summarized earlier, Ball J. ruled that Section 2(d) of the Charter (“freedom of association”) protects a right to strike, and that the government’s very restrictive essential services legislation violated that right, and that the violation was not ‘saved’ by Section 1.

Onward and upward on the question of whether workers in fact have the Constitutional right to strike, which the Canadian government promised to protect when it ratified ILO Convention 87 many years ago.


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