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My Clawbies Nominations


As year end approaches, it must be time to consider the best of the Canadian law blogs. The Canadian Law Blog Awards are an informal award issued by the fine folks at Stemlaw based on nominations and evaluations done by some blogging experts.

As a solo blogger myself, I tend towards the individual bloggers over the collaborative blogs, though obviously the big collaborative blogs (like SLAW, the Court, and various law school blogs) offer lots of great information.  Here’s my three nominations for the 2011 CLAWBIES, in no particular order.:

  • Youth and Work Blog:  This interesting blog by lawyer Toronto Andrew Langille stands out for its very specific theme–issues in employment facing Canada’s young workers.  This year Andrew began conducting original interviews for the blog, such as this one with Professor Guy Standing. This is an example of the contribution good blogging can make to the discussion of legal issues.
  • Michael Geist:   Michael’s focus on IP/IT is outside of my field of labour and employment law, but as the first law professor to take on regular blogging, he was really my inspiration for starting this little endeavour.  I’ve been at this for some 3.5 years now, and Michael’s been around longer than that.  It’s a lot of work, and Michael deserves credit for charting the path for law professor blogging in Canada.

To all my fellow law bloggers, thanks for a great year.  Send along your own Clawbie nominations by any of the methods listed here. Salut.


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