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The Bad Employer Sunshine List for September 2011

As noted earlier this month, I will be posting the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Bad Employer Sunshine Lists as they are published monthly.  Here is the Archived list of Bad Employers. If governments in other provinces have their own Bad Employer Sunshine Lists, please let me know.  I haven’t time to go searching the country at the moment.

Do you agree with the strategy of widely publicizing employers that violate  employment laws?

The list of Bad Employers for September 2011 was just posted:

Bad Employers Convicted for Violations of the Employment Standards, September 2011

This month’s Bad Employers include:

A particularly sleazy employer on this month’s list is All Seasons Windows and Doors, which appears to be located up near York University.  According the Ministry of Labour’s press release, the company pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an order to pay wages and the Director of the company, Peter Mitnik, pleaded guilty to authorizing or acquiescing in the company’s violation of the ESA.  The company was ordered to pay $4,375 in unpaid wages plus a fine of $3500.  The Director Mitnk was ordered to personally pay a $2500 fine.   In addition to the fines, the court ordered a 25% victim surcharge fine, which goes into a provincial fund to assist victims of crime.

Some others on the list include the following.  Note the high percentage of Bad Employers that are in the service sector, especially the food services industry.

Working in the Newmarket service industry appeared to be risky this month:

Pizza Pizza (Newmarket)

Bagel Nash (Newmarket)

Santos Italian Cuisine (Newmarket)

Extreme Fitness (Newmarket)

Let’s Relax Spa (Newmarket)

SB Leather (Kitchener)

Torontos’ Bad Employers:

CCT Printing

Atlas Paper Bag Company

The Franklin House

Marchants’ School Sport Limited

EZ Food

The Burger’s Priest

Lil Bacci’s Pizza Inc.

Little Anthony’s Italian Ristorante

Mick E. Fynn’s

All Season Fencing

Think twice about whether you want to do business with or work for these Bad Employers, who haven’t the decency to comply with even the minimum employment standards in Ontario.


One Response to The Bad Employer Sunshine List for September 2011

  1. Warren Reply

    November 21, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Let the sun shine in! Loving it from Alberta. Waiting for the same revelations …

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