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Free Labour Law Scholarship

To begin the new year, I am posting an updated list of labour and employment law scholars who post their academic articles on SSRN, which is an open source database for academic work that continues to grow in popularity.  Happily, there are more Canadian scholars on the list this year, though not all Canadian academics use SSRN, and those that do do not post all of their works here.  Nevertheless, there is a growing body of work here.

I’ve also added this year a list of American labour and employment law scholars as well as some Australian scholars.  I considered including British scholars, but there are not enough of them yet using SSRN to make that exercise worth while.  Maybe that will change in the future.

I put this list together quickly, mostly from the top of my head.  I am positive I am missing people who have SSRN pages, so if any come to your mind, please let me know and I will add them.  I will keep this entry linked under the Scholarship Page on the top of the blog for easy future access.

Canadian Scholars

Harry Arthurs (York)

Kevin Banks (Queens)

Tim Bartkiw (Ryerson)

Janine Benedet (UBC)

Adelle Blackett (McGill)

Guy Davidov (Hebrew University (I’ve made Guy an honorary  Canadian given his strong links to Canada)

David Doorey (York)

Judy Fudge (Victoria)

John Goddard (Manitoba)

Brian Langille (Toronto)

Michael Lynk (Western)

Patrick Macklem (Toronto)

Michael MacNeil (Carelton)

Kerry Rittich (Toronto)

Sara Slinn (York)

Eric Tucker (York)

Gilles Trudeau (Montreal)

Terry Wagner (Saint Mary’s)

Don Wells (McMaster)

Some American Labor Law Scholar SSRN links:

Richard Bales (Kentucky)

James Brudney (Ohio)

Miriam Cherry (Pacific)

Lance Compa (Cornell)

Charles Craver (George Washington)

Ellen Dannin (Penn State)

Barbara Fick (Notre Dame)

Catherine Fisk (UC-Irvine)

Kenneth Glenn Dau-Schmidt (Indiana)

Matthew Finkin (Illinois)

Jeffrey Hirsch (Tennessee)

Stanford Jacoby (UCLA)

Cynthia Estlund (NYU)

Ruben Garcia (Cal. Western)

Alan Hyde (Rutgers)

Kevin Kolben (Rutgers)

Michael LeRoy (Illinois)

Orly Lobel (San Diego)

John Logan (U.C. Berkeley)

Martin Malin (Chicago-Kent)

Marcia McCormick (Saint Louis)

James Pope (Rutgers)

Rachel Arnow-Richman (Denver)

Benjamin Sachs (Harvard)

Paul Secunda (Marquette)

Katherine Stone (UCLA)

Charles Sullivan (Seton Hall)

David Weil (Harvard/Boston)

Marley Weiss (Maryland)

David Yamada (Suffolk)

Michael Zimmer (Loyola)

Australian Labour Law Scholars

Sean Cooney (Melbourne)

Anthony Forsyth (Monash)

Peter Gahan (Monash)

John Howe (Melbourne)Jill Murray (La Trobe)

Michael Rawling (ANU)


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