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Top 10 Most Downloaded Labour & Employment Law Articles (Apr. 19)

Here is this week`s Top 10 most downloaded academic articles on labour and employment law.  This week`s list includes two Canadians, including yours truly (along with Robert Flanagan), sneaking into 10th place with a paper that will be published in a slightly updated form later this year in the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law).  I`d like to thank my mother, …

1.   Mark C. Wèber,  Unreasonable Accommodation and Due Hardship (147).

2.   Carola Frydman & Dirk Jenter, CEO Compensation (135).

3.   Omri Ben-Shahar & Carl E. Schneider, The Failure of Mandated Disclosure (110).

4.    Robert Flannigan, Fact-Based Fiduciary Accountability in Canada (98).

5.    Kelli Kleisinger & Richard A. Bales, The Validity of the Two-Member NLRB (97).

6.   Randall S. Thomas & Harwell Wells, Executive Compensation in the Courts: Board Capture, Optimal Contracting and Officer Fiduciary Duties (95).

7.   Ellen Dannin, Hoffman Plastics as Labor Law – Equality at Last for Immigrant Workers? (91).

8.   Edward D. Kleinbard, The Congress within the Congress: How Tax Expenditures Distort our Budget and our Political Processes (92).

9.   Jeffrey M. Hirsch, Communication Breakdown: Reviving the Role of Discourse in the Regulation of Employee Collective Action (88).

10.  David J. Doorey, In Defence of Transnational Labor Regulation (86)


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