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Watch the SCC Hearing in Fraser v. Ontario

Go to fullsize image    We noted last month that a significant labour law case was being argued before the Supreme Court of Canada in late December.  That case was Fraser v. Ontario (A.G.), which very generally deals with the issue of the scope of the protections offered by Section 2(d) of the Charter (“freedom of association”) as pertaining to collective labour rights.  I have summarized the case in more detail before.

You can watch the argument by following this link, and then clicking the “archived” button under webcast for the Fraser case dated December 17, 2009.  Watching Supreme Court arguments can often be far less exciting than expected, but nevertheless, for those students interested in being lawyers and for people interested in labour law and the Charter in particular, this webcast gives you an opportunity to watch history in the making.  It could be months before the Court issues its decision.


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