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Real Pleadings: CIBC Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

I noted yesterday the court’s dismissal of the application for a class action certification in the lawsuit by CIBC employees for unpaid overtime.   Since the case is an important one, I am posting the Statement of Claim filed by the plaintiffs as the latest addition to my “Real Life Pleadings” category.

Here is the Statement of Claim.


One Response to Real Pleadings: CIBC Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Louise Reply

    July 21, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    I worked for the CIBC at Kingsway and Joyce in Vancouver.
    I was told to come in at 8:30 to count cash. I signed in at 8:30 everytime it was required to count cash. After a two week period someone said something about not siging in at 8:30, after another two weeks it was brought to my attention that I was not to sign in at 8:30 but at 8:45. But, I said I’m here at 8:30 to count cash. Their reply was no, you start at 8:45 and you must sign in stating 8:45. So, I said you mean you want me here at 8:30 to count cash, but I will not be getting paid for it, and they said YES.

    I have another horror story about the CIBC in Esquimalt BC. It is now closed but it is about overtime and no pay and fraud.

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